Hi, I’m Mohamed Ali

I'm a Front End Developer dedicated to learning and further developing my knowledge in web technologies. Skills in React, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Mohamed Ali Front End Developer Stockholm

Top Projects

Would You Rather?

A web app that lets a user to play the “Would You Rather?” game. Users are able to answer questions, see which questions they haven’t answered, see how other people have voted, post questions, and see the ranking of users on the leaderboard.

Technologies used: React, Redux, React-Router and Bootstrap

Crypto App

A cryptocurrency application with the historical data provided by the CoinAPI. Users are able to view list of exchanges and their details, and also search for a specific exchange.

Technologies used: React Native, Typescript, GraphQL and Node.js


A bookshelf app that allows users to select and categorize books they have read, are currently reading, or want to read. This project emphasizes the use of React with a given API server.

Technologies used: React, React-Router and PropTypes

WebApp Dashboard

An interactive dashboard for a web application. The application includes tables, charts, graphics and other user interface components.

Technologies used: CSS Grid And Flexbox, Sass, JavaScript Local Storage

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